I need counseling!: Manny Pacquiao foe Adrien Broner set for jail release

Former Manny Pacquiao opponent Adrien Broner is set to be released from jail on Wednesday after being sentenced to seven days by a Cleveland judge.

Broner has massive question marks over his career after yet another misdemeanor put a blot on his lengthy record with the law.

‘The Problem’ has fought and lost to Pacquiao, challenged several fighters, retired from boxing, and become a rapper, all in the space of eighteen months.

Add to that a spell behind bars and Broner’s life seems to be a rollercoaster at the moment. It’s showing no signs of stopping.

And yet Broner is still only 31. It seems like he’s been around for decades.

Breaking through with a world title win over Vicente Martin Rodriguez in 2011, Broner should be celebrating almost ten years at the top of the sport. Instead, the Cincinnati star is simply trying to keep himself out of prison.

A longer sentence has been threatened and still hangs over Broner, who is already on probation for a ‘gross sexual imposition, a fourth-degree felony, misdemeanor sexual imposition and abduction, a third-degree felony’ – according to court records.

Adrien Broner Manny Pacquiao loss

Speaking at his hearing last week, Broner told those presiding over his case that he ‘needed counseling’ after splitting with his wife.

It wasn’t enough to keep him out on the streets, although his time is almost served. The question is, where does he go from here?

Previously cryptic suicide messages and alleged threats to kill people on social media are worrying enough. But Broner is in danger of throwing away his considerable talents.

A four-weight world champion, Broner is one of only a handful in the sport who can currently claim this honor. This makes him instant Pay-Per-View.

But he needs a win and needs it badly.


His best weight is probably super-lightweight. Welterweight has proved a step too far on more than one occasion. The Manny Pacquiao reverse was just the latest to prove this.

Pacquiao was dominant and exposed Broner at 147 in a way nobody else had ever done.

If he can move down to 140 and put together a two-fight winning streak, there will soon be many opportunities for a title.

Jose Ramirez and Josh Taylor are currently on a collision course for all the marbles at super-lightweight.

The winner is set to have four belts in his possession and may be ready to move up to 147 themselves by 2021. This could give Broner four chances for vacant straps.

Getting his life on track remains the order of the day for Broner, though. Hopefully, this latest setback will spur him on to better things in the future.

Phil Jay is Editor of WBN. An Auxiliary member of the Boxing Writers Association of America. Follow on Twitter @PhilDJay.