Boxing Nutrition: Food to avoid consuming – Multi-ingredient foods

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World Boxing Council Health Advisor Dr. Phillip Goglia gives the lowdown on more things to avoid if you are a boxer aiming to get fit.

Bread breads muffins bagels are yeast mold gluten bound.

They are inflammatory foods and can reduce metabolic efficiency and stimulate food sensitivities like digestive gas bloating slow digestion.

Even many of the “whole wheat grain” breads are colored to look darker or healthier and the fiber used in them are insoluble fibers. The cheaper the better for the cereal companies.

Avoid these inflammatory food choices. No food consumed that contains: yeast – mold – gluten – dairy – refined sugar – no breads, muffins, bagels, whole wheat breads. Nothing that is considered a multi-ingredient starch.

Foods used daily should be one ingredient starches like potato, rice, yam, sweet potato, and oatmeal.