Shock footage shows hooded thieves ransack Manny Pacquiao L.A. home

Manny Pacquiao home

SHO / Team Pacquiao

Filipino star Manny Pacquiao has released CCTV footage of thieves as they ransacked his Los Angeles home as he defeated Adrien Broner.

The ‘Pacman’ was in sparkling form in January 2019 as he dominated Broner at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

As Pacquiao put himself back in the spotlight, opportunist criminals entered his United States residence and set about taking anything that wasn’t nailed down.

Their haul included what looked to be a potentially loaded and locked safe. Plus a large screen TV, a guitar and several other valuable items.

Obviously hoping to shed more light on the act of vandalism, the 41-year-old has put the footage on his social channels for all to see.

In the meantime, Pacquiao continues to be linked with high profile bouts as he contemplates one more fight inside the ropes.

The latest trio of possible opponents is Irish MMA star Conor McGregor, formidable middleweight puncher Gennadiy Golovkin and former four-time rival Juan Manuel Marquez.

McGregor is the favorite at the moment for what would be a summer 2021 blockbuster collision of Pay-Per-View.

The Golovkin encounter is more ‘pie in the sky’ than realism. Whilst the fifth battle with Marquez has just appeared on the horizon.

It comes from a video posted by the Mexican superstar via his IG. Marquez looked in fine form and in shape as the four-weight world champion displayed the fact that he clearly still has it.


At 46 years old, Marquez has been retired for some time now. Pacquiao continues to hope for another crack at JMM, though.

A stunning 2012 knockout defeat at the hands of Marquez hurt Pacquiao badly. The eight-weight ruler wants a final decider of what has been an enthralling saga.

It would be a certain PPV.

Filipino, Mexican, and indeed US fans would roundly be on board as several other legends pursue comebacks to the ring.

Pacquiao is riding the crest of a wave having beaten Broner and then Keith Thurman.

There may have been more than one bout left for Pacquiao had the pandemic not hit the boxing world hard. For now, political duties come first.

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