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Opponent who planted Tyson Fury airs views on public use of the n-word

Former two-time world champion and former Tyson Fury opponent Steve Cunningham has given his reaction to the WBC title-holder’s use of the n-word.

Fury was filmed on his Instagram Story celebrating his 32nd birthday recently. During the clip, Fury sang along with the Notorious B.I.G song ‘Juicy’.

It’s a song Fury has regularly played in his home and in training camps, although this is the firm time his love of the track has caused any controversy.


Reciting the words, Fury went the whole hog to the line, ‘and if you don’t know, you don’t know n—-‘ – in front of his children.

In some quarters, the use garnered instant uproar. Cunningham, on the other hand, himself an African-American, decided to put the saying in the context it was used.

“Hey, what’s up, what’s up. Steve ‘USS’ Cunningham, man,” said the retired cruiserweight king in a video posted on his social accounts. “People have been hitting me up in the DM’s saying, ‘what do you think of Tyson Fury dropping the n-word. ‘He dropped the n-bomb and he’s a racist’ and da, da, da.

“And I’m like, ‘how did he use it and how did he use it?’ – Well, he was reciting a Biggie Smalls song,” he laughed.

“Well, I’m just like so, you know what I mean? – It’s not surprising to me that anybody is reciting the song. Hey man listen, there are some words I use in public and there are some words I don’t use in public. There are some words I just wouldn’t use, period.


“But, there is no word nobody can tell me I can’t use, period. I don’t care what it is. If I want to use it, I’ll use it.


“Being respectful and understanding I wouldn’t use certain words. But, this word, man. It’s in every song, it’s in every rap song. It’s everywhere.

“He’s reciting a song. He’s not using it in a derogatory manner and it is what it is.

“His use wasn’t intended for bad or nothing, so there it is, man.

“Keep your shoes on and keep your panties on, man, it ain’t nothing,” he concluded.


Cunningham planted Fury firmly on the seat of his pants when they met in New York in 2013, only to be stopped a few rounds later.

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