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WBC Convention: Strawweight returns / Remote Scoring / Amateur boxing

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The WBC has moved to revert back to the days of strawweight after years of calling the lowest division ‘minimumweight’.

It’s a case of minimumweight no longer. On the suggestion of Don Majeski, Strawweight brings back majesty to the division.

Don proposed that this enhances the value of the championship. And the WBC`s Board of Governors, who`ve been making hay while the sun shines, have agreed.

No word on whether it was a straw poll?

The WBC plans to do a special homage to Ricardo Lopez in 2021, The Year of Boxing. As straw weight champion he successfully defended his WBC crown 22 times during a ten year span!


The Remote Scoring system with which the WBC has been experimenting with for two years is a safety boon during the pandemic.

But with more judges scoring, from a live feed, in addition to the ones ringside, justice via technology is lessening the chance of controversial or incorrect results.

On the airwaves of the WBC`s Virtual Convention, vintage judge Duane Ford, who’s also President of the NABF says that it has: “Become of of the best resources to see where we are.”

A compliment rather than a replacement to the existing system, Duane says: “I`ve found that when we see the scores of the great judges they are consistent. Average judges are erratic.”

The ten, nine system remains. But the caveats of: Close, moderate, decisive and extremely decisive are now there.

WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman said: “We are looking for justice and technology. Our intention is to be properly supportive of the sport.”


With the void left by AIBA, which was prized apart from the Olympics by the IOC, the WBC has been helping develop amateur boxing, in the sure knowledge that although it`s a different sport from the pro scene, its the fundamental and essential foundation stone.

At its virtual Convention the World Boxing Council has recommended the creation of a WBC Amateur League Federation, as a great opportunity to bring back common sense to boxing. There will also be the creation of a special World Committee, and an approach will be made to the IOC to discuss the situation. The WBC will continue with USA Boxing, finalizing its groups member position. There will be an amateur competition in Florida, during this month.

The WBC continue to stress it totally opposes pro fighters competing in the Olympics. It`s going to establish programs to find sponsors to support gyms and amateur fighters. The aim is to find Godparents to help young boxers, gyms and gyms, for the very future of boxing. Business tycoon Carlos Bremer is leading the way in Mexico.


At the WBC`s annual Convention, which is virtual due to the pandemic, President Mauricio Sulaiman said: “Clarity and transparency will be the key to making this successful. We are going to rely on your strength for changes in the sport. I`m sure that working together we will succeed. We are going to get a strong committee together.” He pointed out that amateur boxing represents the very roots of the sport and progression to the Olympics was essential to the budding and then blossoming careers of Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier, George Foreman, Sugar Ray Leonard, Oscar De La Hoya…and many more.

The WBC has already established Box Fit and Box Val. The Green Belt Amateur Tournament which Pepe Sulaiman and Nancy Rodriguez have helped organize, has already proved very successful. An inspiration to youngsters who enthusiastically jump in the air, when their arm is raised by the referee. Mike Tyson has called the WBC saying he wants a variety of Green Belt challenge supporting bouts, at the event where he and Roy Jones have their eight round exhibition charity fund raising tussle.