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Mike Tyson rages in expletive-ridden trailer, refuses to read script

As organizers shot a commercial, Mike Tyson refused to participate in a recent trailer for his Pay-Per-View clash against Roy Jones Jr.

‘The Baddest Man on the Planet’ was asked to speak directly to Jones for a quiz on social media, but Tyson blew up after the first statement.

“I’m about to play six questions in 30 seconds with Roy Jones Jr. – Name a song or a movie that gets you pumped up,” Tyson read from the script of the latest Triller trailer.

Mike Tyson mood

Changing the whole scenario of the filming, Tyson then turned on those who arranged the word game with his forthcoming opponent.

“I don’t wanna do this. It’s really not me. I wouldn’t be saying this, bulls—. I’m not going to ask him to be playing no song or movie or what he likes.

“Yeah, you know you wanna sell the fight. We’re not going to sell it talking f—ing nursery rhymes. F—ing novel stuff.

“A f—ing joke! – And these guys are not trying to kill each other,” he added, quoting the recent statement by the Chief of the Californian State Athletic Commission.

Tyson then said, “Hey, what song or movie gets you pumped up, baby? – C’mon, man, that’s me? – That’s what you consider me? – You consider me a b—-?

“This is in the name of fighting. We want to kill each other, man. The people are coming to see us fight because we want to kill each other.

“They’re f—ing savages; they wanna kill each other. They want blood!”


A chilling message from Tyson. He’s certainly in no mood to play around as he returns from a fifteen-year absence.

The Jones fight will be part of a new concept arranged by Mike Tyson named the ‘Legends Only League’, which is expected to feature a plethora of past sporting talent.

Evander Holyfield, a former two-time Tyson foe, is also expected to sign up, with James Toney, Shannon Briggs, and even Lennox Lewis rumored to be considering offers.

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