Dave Coldwell delighted with Hopey Price performance, enjoys Fight Camp run

RINGSIDE 11/08/2020

After enjoying a stellar first week at Matchroom’s Fight Camp courtesy of Jordan Gill’s landslide points win over Reece Bellotti, Dave Coldwell returned to the Essex grounds on Saturday night and he left a happy man once more thanks to Hopey Price.

The young prospect with the Ivan Drago moniker demonstrated an impressive maturity despite his professional inexperience as he raced to a points win over Jonny Phillips. Coldwell was beaming in the fight’s aftermath as he poured tons of praise on his charge’s performance.

“Just like Jordan the week before, Hopey boxed to instruction,” buzzed Coldwell. “When you’ve got a fighter in the ring doing everything you’ve asked of him in the gym then there’s not many better feelings for a trainer.

“Hopey has been a breath of fresh air in the gym and he’s settled in so well. He’s been sparring so well and the fight against Phillips was a hard one on paper due to Hopey’s inexperience. He handled the occasion brilliantly for only his third fight and I was so happy with the way he controlled the fight.”

Coldwell added, “Guiding Hopey’s career without Coronavirus providing the backdrop would’ve given me some flexibility with the opponent, and someone like Phillips wouldn’t have been near the top of my list.

“These are different times that we’re living in and the opportunity provided by Matchroom ensured we would have to take a small risk and step up. Hopey proved he was ready for the step up, but he’s still a fighter learning his trade.

“He’s only 20, and although there’s some excitement surrounding him, I still want him to climb the ladder at a steady pace so he can be fully prepared when he eventually reaches the top level.”