Wladimir Klitschko warns of steroid, contamination danger in supplements


Wladimir Klitschko took part in a video for the Voluntary Anti-Doping Agency recently warning of the dangers posed by steroids in supplements.

The dietary supplement industry is regulated enough to fully trust what you are putting in your body.

A supplement you think is safe could put your short and long term health at risk there are a lot of better ways to get the same results without spending a ton of money on supplements.

Here’s the truth you put the wrong supplement in your body and fail a drug test you run the risk of ruining your career and losing your livelihood.

You can’t always trust the label on the bottle. What’s on the label isn’t always what’s in the bottle. this can happen because of cross-contamination or from a manufacturer intentionally including banned substances that aren’t on the label.

There have even been cases of companies taking dangerous supplements that have been recalled and repackaging them under a different name.

And even if the labels are accurate it doesn’t mean the supplement is safe. Basic vitamins and minerals are fine to take but many other supplements are a crapshoot.

Just because you can buy it online or at a health food store doesn’t make it safe.

There are three major types of supplements that have been found to take prohibited substances so you have to be extra careful with these.

1 Supplements to help you workout like bodybuilding supplements.
2 Supplements to help you lose weight.
3 Supplements for sexual enhancement.

Some of these have been found to be contaminated with anabolic steroids. While we said vitamins and minerals are more than likely safe there have been instances where even they have been found to be contaminated.

Here’s what ex-world heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko has to say:

“Your body is more than just your work tool. It is your number one asset for your entire life,” said Klitschko. “It must be treated with care and respect it needs to be trained with rigor and it must be fed with care.

“I concentrate on a precise diet adapted to each stage of my physical and mental preparation. I call this the situation-specific nutrition.

“It is very simple. I don’t eat the same thing if I need to develop my focus as well as I need to develop my endurance.

“Different abilities, different foods I have even created a brand to serve this idea but I am not here to advertise.

“I know a lot of boxers are taking them, that’s not a secret. But the truth is that many of the supplements will never replace a balanced diet.

“Above all, these famous supplements you add to your diet are often additional risks to your health they are sometimes contaminated with doping drugs.

“The short term benefits you may game will jeopardize your long term wellbeing. Don’t play with your health because it is the foundation of your success. The foundation of your career after your sports career.

“Be strategic, Vada had put together some good advice.


“Take advantage of the Vada BSCG testing initiative. As a VADA fighter, you can have your supplements tested to ensure they are free of peds. Contact info@VADA-testing.org.

“Use the supplement inquiry tool on Drug-Free Sports Axis by going to Dfsaxis.com. Select VADA from the list and use the passcode vada12.

“From there you can set up a free account, email questions, and get labels from supplements. This simple tool allows you to submit a supplement and let AXIS do the work for you.

“They will advise as to the risk level. Furthermore, if the company has had any issues containing peds not listed or renamed on the label.

“Before you take a supplement ask yourself what does it do for you? Is there a way to get the same supplement free result?”