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Lomachenko voluntarily takes pay cut to help Lopez deal

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According to Bob Arum, Vasyl Lomachenko has taken a pay cut for his next bout to seal a unification with Top Rank stablemate Teofimo Lopez.

The pound-for-pound star is hoping to get back in the ring soon after a break due to the coronavirus outbreak, and Lopez is the man Arum wants the Ukrainian to face next.

Lomachenko holds the WBC Franchise, WBA ‘Super,’ and WBO versions of the lightweight crown. Lopez has the final IBF piece of the undisputed jigsaw.

Before COVID-19 hit, this fight was almost a done deal. It was then reported that Lopez would refuse a lesser take from the pot.

Arum has since confirmed that Lopez is coming around to the idea. While also revealing that Lomachenko has agreed to a lesser purse.

Bob Arum on Lomachenko vs Lopez

“Teofimo is a great guy, and we will continue to promote his fights,” Arum told The AK and Barak Show on Sirius XM. “But I think Teofimo is beginning to realize that his aspirations as far as how much his purse should be was based on selling tickets to an arena, to as much as two and a half or three million dollars. Plus the closed-circuit – another million dollars.

“Those revenue streams are gone. But that doesn’t mean that he shouldn’t get a big purse. And he is getting a big purse.

“But you obviously can’t pay the man what you would be able to otherwise if you had a gate and closed-circuit revenue. It’s as simple as that.”

He continued: “Now, it’s difficult when you are dealing with young men or women or don’t have a financial background and have done what fighters have done traditionally, over the last number of years.

“What kind of fighter I determine what I’m worth, and that’s what promoters will pay me. That’s all well and good when working with all the revenue streams. But at this time, we are not.

“So they have got to get perfect purses. We never cut anybody below their minimums. And knowing Teofimo and knowing what a good young man he is, we will conclude (a deal) with him shortly.

“As far as Lomachenko is concerned, he has a contract with us. A long-term contract for substantial numbers based on the level of fights.

“He voluntarily under these circumstances reduced his (own) purse to get the fight done.”

Loma vs Lopez

When asked if $3.5 million was a good estimate for Loma’s paycheck, Arum answered: “That’s not too far from the truth. Although it’s confidential.”

Arum stated that he’d be on board with Lopez wanting to wait until the virus subsides and fans come back: “I think it’s a bad decision for a fighter to make.

“If a fighter makes that decision, I would respect that. There’s nothing wrong with that. That’s okay.”

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