WATCH: Featherweight champion throws 111 punches in 10 seconds

Xu Can featherweight punches

Featherweight boxer Xu Can put on display his super-speed in a video challenge to see how many punches can be thrown in a mere ten seconds.

Can, who holds the little-regarded ‘WBA Regular’ title, blasted out a full 111 punches in that short timeframe.

Slowing down the clip in parts to prove his punches were landing, Can went through a jaw-dropping routine.

Firing to every other boxer out there, Can laid down the gauntlet.

“Fast punches in 10 seconds. Who can do this better than me?”

Previous posts from Xu Can have included a skipping challenge and volume punching, which have become a hit with fans all over the world.

Can’s punching feat is no flash in the pan as he once threw 1562 punches in a twelve-round fight. An incredible amount.

Try it for yourself and see if you can get anywhere near that kind of target.


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