Boxing Nutrition: What food you should avoid – Juice

The WBC Boxing Nutrition series continues thanks to Dr. Phillip Goglia who has been advising on the correct diet for boxers.

Juice is a low fiber sugar – it rapidly penetrates the bloodstream causing an almost immediate rise in blood glucose.

Also, an insulin spike resulting in a rapid energy response. Then within a number of minutes a loss of energy. Also lethargy and the risk of additional sugar cravings.

Freshly squeezed juices do have macro and micronutrient benefits. Some are high in anti-oxidants. Some high in vitamin C. And some have immune system benefits.

Juices are best consumed as a fresh-squeezed or cold-pressed product. Juices from concentrates have a low nutritional value and can be extremely calorific.


Cold-pressed juices should be consumed within 48 hours of manufacturing. The cold-pressed juices certainly are loaded with live food enzymes and provide anti-oxidant benefits.

If juices are not cold-pressed or fresh squeezed and come from concentrate then they provide a sugar source that will activate rapid insulin response.

As any simple sugar would, the result is the possibility of low blood sugar a drop in energy. Also craving stimulation for more sugar.

Like with all nutrients too much of anything could be a bad thing. Therefore, small amounts could possibly be a benefit to boxing nutrition.


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