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Home » Showtime cautioned on Malignaggi, ‘You f***ed with the wrong guy!’

Showtime cautioned on Malignaggi, ‘You f***ed with the wrong guy!’

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Long-time cornerman of Paulie Malignaggi and close friend, Peter Sferrazza, has fired a warning to Showtime and CBS over the sacking of the ex-world champion.

Malignaggi was released by Showtime Boxing over comments made regarding current racial tensions in the world.

Part of Malignaggi’s words during an interview with UK YouTubers at IFL TV was flagged and noted before action was taken.


The Italian-American had said: “This is exactly one of the reasons why. The fact that a Black fighter can say that not pay any price financially. But if a White fighter said that about any Black fighters at all, he’d probably lose his TV contract. And probably TV networks wouldn’t touch him, you know.

“I won’t tell you that its a double standard. But I’ll tell you that it does prove that the entire whole hypothesis of racial oppression is way above and exaggerated in this century, you know.

“I don’t think this century has given us anything aside from any situations people want t to nitpick, you know.”

Sferrazza, obviously irked by what he sees as an attempt to damage Malignaggi’s reputation, vehemently defended the two-weight world ruler.

“If you’re coming for my best friend and brother Paulie Malignaggi just make sure you have your ducks in a row!

“I’ll restlessly devote my time to show my loyalty! You f***– with the wrong guy (CBS and Showtime).

“I do this for free with a smile,” he said.


Responses to Sferrazza came thick and fast from Malignaggi supporters, some of which were retweeted and shared.

One said: “Such BS what Showtime Boxing and CBS did to Paul Malignaggi.

“They will regret this and trying to destroy someone’s reputation for no reason. You should be embarrassed.

“Let’s see how quickly you come calling when your trend is down.”

Another added: “We are all standing behind you, Paulie!

“This is an outrage Showtime Boxing and CBS. You made a huge mistake!”

A third stated: “Agreed f— showtime. Paulie is the king. They will regret it!”

At this time, Malignaggi is still employed by Sky Sports in the UK who mentioned the ‘Magic Man’ on their recent broadcast from Eddie Hearn’s father’s garden.

Adam Smith name-dopped Malignaggi three times during the main event of Sam Eggington vs Ted Cheeseman. No mention was made of the Showtime situation.

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