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Boxing Nutrition: Foods to avoid – Soy

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WBC Nutrition Committee: Foods to Avoid – Soy

Soy is a bean… it is considered a sugar / starch… in many vegetarian communities it is considered a protein source. In fact, there are amino acids within the bean but the amino acid structures are not highly biologically available — protein utilization is scored on a 0 to 100 chart for utilization as an example an egg scores 100 …. Soy and many other plant-based proteins are scored in the bottom third.

Keep in mind that though there are amino acid groupings in plant-based products like soy, it is still a bean and starch / sugar first and foremost.

Additionally, soy is high estrogen and has been linked to numerous cancers primarily breast cancer in both men and women.

Products high in estrogen like wheat and soy are unfavorable choices especially for men.