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Eggs vs Cheese – Running order and weights for Fight Camp 1

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The running order has been announced at the official weigh-in for Sam Eggington vs Ted Cheeseman at Matchroom Fight Camp 1.




10 x 3 mins Featherweight contest
JORDAN GILL 8st 13lbs 12oz v REECE BELLOTTI 8st 13lbs 4oz
(Chatteris) (Watford)

Followed by

8 x 3 mins Super-Lightweight contest
DALTON SMITH 10st 0lbs 8oz v NATHAN BENNETT 10st 0lbs 0oz
(Sheffield) (Liverpool)

Followed by

10 x 3 mins vacant English Heavyweight Title
FABIO WARDLEY 16st 0lbs 0oz v SIMON VALLILY 16st 0lbs 8oz
(Ipswich) (Middlesbrough)

Followed by

12 x 3 mins vacant British Lightweight Title
JAMES TENNYSON 9st 8lbs 8oz v GAVIN GWYNNE 9st 8lbs 4oz
(Belfast) (Treharris)

Followed by

12 x 3 mins IBF International Super-Welterweight Title
SAM EGGINGTON 10st 13lbs 12oz v TED CHEESEMAN 10st 13lbs 4oz
(Stourbridge) (Bermondsey)

Eggington vs Cheeseman pre-fight quotes

Sam Eggington – Stourbridge, England – 28-6, 17 KO’s – defending his IBF International Super-Welterweight Title against Ted Cheeseman:

“Italy was a great adventure for me. I went over there with a chip on my shoulder thinking I had to get it done and get it done right to get me back to where I needed to be.

“We done that, came home and this is what’s next. I’m excited. As soon as I heard about these back garden brawls I rang Jon and said ‘we need to be a part of this’. I’m over the moon to be headlining the first one. It’s a good fight and it’s one that I believe I can win and look good in.

“It has all of the makings for a good night. You can lose and come back, history points to that. We’ve had big nights and we’ve had bad nights.

“They don’t define me. I’m still learning and I’m getting better. I’m getting bigger and stronger. I feel good, the weight has gone well and the training has gone well.”

Ted Cheeseman – Bermondsey, England – 15-2-1, 9 KOs – challenging Sam Eggington for the IBF International Super-Welterweight Title:

“If you stay determined and keep on pushing forwards you’ll be rewarded with the opportunities that you need. This is a big opportunity for me to refresh my career and push on. You look at Sam and you know what you get with him. I’m still young and I’m still a baby.

“I’m 24 but I’m maturing all of the time and over the past 18 months I’ve been learning a lot. I’ve had a lot of time to work on things.

“I’m making sure everything is perfect. Sam was a massive Welterweight but he isn’t as dominant at Light-Middle.”