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Floyd Mayweather shoulder roll blocks three punches in one move

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It’s no secret that Floyd Mayweather is considered the best defensive fighter of all time. But even as a younger fighter, the former pound-for-pound king was already a natural.

The world-famous shoulder roll was in effect from early in his tenure, as a recent video posted by Mayweather Promotions shows.

Mayweather, 43, has always left fans in awe at his ability to block punches and move out of the way of trouble. There are plenty of fights out there where Floyd displays this knack.

Floyd Mayweather shoulder roll

Victories over the likes of Canelo Alvarez, Miguel Cotto, and even Manny Pacquiao are now legendary for Mayweather’s defensive movements.

Before all those triumphs, Mayweather knew how to take down three blows with a simple twist of his arm.

As a rising star of the sport and then known as ‘Pretty Boy’ Floyd, Mayweather was still earning his stripes.

It wasn’t until a split decision win over Oscar De La Hoya in 2007 that Floyd Mayweather became the number one name on the Pay-Per-View roster.

From then on, only one man was dominating the game.

His earning power was second-to-none. Even Pacquiao couldn’t earn mega-money without him. But fans would have to wait eight years to see them trade blows.

Mayweather retired on 50-0 in 2017. He considers himself the best fighter to lace on a pair of gloves. Many disagree, but certainly not with those defensive capabilities.

The Best Defensive Fighter Ever

If not ‘The Best Ever’ or ‘TBE’ as he prefers to be addressed, Mayweather is certainly ‘TBDE’ – ‘The Best Defensive Ever’ – at the very least.

Now known as ‘Money’ – for obvious reasons, Mayweather could be back in the ring by New Year’s Eve. If only in an exhibition capacity.

Embroiled in talks with RIZIN, with whom Mayweather joined forces with successfully in 2018, another ten million dollar purse could be on the table.

Two years ago, Mayweather pocketed the eye-watering sum for a mere three minutes of work when taking out Tenshin Nasukawa in a single round.

This time, fans are hopeful a sterner test will be waiting in the opposite corner. Although Mayweather‘s new moniker of ‘smart business opportunities only’ would suggest otherwise.

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