Arturo Gatti Jr. bears striking resemblance to dad in amazing training clip

Phil Jay
Arturo Gatti Jr.
@arturo_gattijr9 / @yanickmaltaisphotographie / HBO

Arturo Gatti Jr. has boxing coursing through his veins. It’s clearly evident as young Gatti is now making his way through training during his tender years.

Now 11 years old, Gatti Jr. is already showing signs of raw talent and there’s no denying his striking resemblance to his famous father.

In a recent video clip, posted on his official Instagram at Ring 83 Boxing Club, Gatti gave a little smile at the end. It brought back so many memories of Gatti Sr.


The smiling assassin who was one of the most likable people in the entire sport. Gatti was taken from us far too soon.

Three epic wars with Micky Ward secure his place in the Hall of Fame, although Gatti was also a cult figure with fans before then.

Giving every ounce of everything he ever had for his supporters, Gatti Sr. was a fan-friendly fighter made for TV.

His life was tragically cut short. The events have never really made any sense. Losing Gatti certainly made boxing a less happy place.

Gatti Jr. promises to gives fans another chapter of the family story and it already building a repertoire of clips on his social media.

From throwback videos and photos with his dad to up-to-date flashes of brilliance, Gatti is sure to gain a big following on his accounts.


If he has half the heart his dad had, the kid has almost won the battle to be a professional boxer in the coming years.

He’s already competed in a few junior contest and rubbed shoulders with the likes of Mike Tyson and Russ Anber. The sport is clearly in his blood.

Basing himself in Montreal, Gatti is sure to have an interesting career that is worth watching for any fan of trading blows. Glimpses of ‘Thunder’ are they for all to see.

Follow Arturo’s career on Instagram. Let’s give his 2500+ followers a huge boost. Furthermore, make sure nobody else takes credit for his videos.

Click on the link to his official Instagram HERE – (arturo_gattijr9).

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