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Home » Mike Tyson brings back ‘Baddest Man’ alter-ego for one night

Mike Tyson brings back ‘Baddest Man’ alter-ego for one night

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Mike Tyson has brought back the pre-1990s’ Baddest Man on the Planet’ persona for his forthcoming clash with Roy Jones Jr.

Before an enforced hiatus in his career due to incarceration, Tyson was known by the moniker for the fear he brought to the ring.

Upon getting out of jail in the early 1990s and a newly-devout Muslim, Tyson opted for a much calmer exterior. That was until Evander Holyfield, and Lennox Lewis backed him into a corner.

Baddest Man on the Planet

The BMP returned for those two fights but soon faded into the background, never returning.

Fifteen years later, Tyson brings the BMP to his ‘exhibition’ with former pound-for-pound king Jones.

Tyson’s mental switch was firmly evident in a chilling pre-fight rant laden with expletives.

“Human beings are not meant to be humble. We’re not born to be humble. We’re born to be humbled,’ said Tyson in his Triller trailer for the September 12 bout.

“My ego’s f—ing with me and saying, ‘you think you’re fly, you ain’t s—.’ He’s going to get in there and kick your a–.

“You better be on top of your game, or you’re going to get embarrassed in front of these f—ing people (on Pay-Per-View).

“Then the other ego is saying, ‘F**k you! Watch what I’m going to do,'” he added.

Tyson is set to out-weigh Jones by at least a stone when the pair collide, as Jones was predominately a cruiserweight at the end of his career in 2018.

Mike Tyson vs Jones

But Jones does have the advantage of competing in the sport just two years ago. Tyson looked shocking in his last two fights up to 2005.

Therefore, many believe the contest is evened out. While there are also plenty, who say the battle should not go ahead.

At 54, Tyson is still in ferocious and terrifying shape. If he catches Jones with any of those combinations on show in his training videos, it could be a bad night for ‘RJJ.’

It all goes down in less than two months on PPV.

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