Gervonta Davis mimics Floyd Mayweather feat, knocks out heavyweight

Gervonta Davis Floyd Mayweather

Dave Mandell

It’s a known fact that lightweight Gervonta Davis carries extra power, but now similar reports to that of mentor Floyd Mayweather have emerged.

Davis, who is already a multi-weight world champion at 25, has dropped a heavyweight in sparring, just like the former pound for pound king.

In a recent taping with Elie Seckbach, it was described how Davis’ sparring team member ‘thought the big boy had died’.

Check out the video below, here’s what was said:

ES: Do you think Lomo can take Tank’s power?

“Well, tank knocked out a heavyweight. I was about to spar tank but before I was about to spar he was in there with this big heavyweight boy.

“He hit him so hard that he was laying on the top of the ropes and I thought he had died.

Then he turns to Tank and says, ‘how does a 135 pounder take your power?’

Davis replied: “Just don’t get in there with me that’s it that’s how they take it.”

The discussion had begun with number one in the division Vasyl Lomachenko and how Davis would fair against the formidable Ukrainian.

“It’s not going to be what most people think. Because Loma has got good footwork.

“Tank is just different. He’s going to find out he’s never been in the ring with nobody like Tank.

“Loma has to get past Teofimo (Lopez, first). He better not fight like he did against Pedraza or he’s going night, night.

“If Teofimo hits Lomo with a good shot he can beat him,” he added.


The recount from Davis vs a heavyweight mimics what Dmitriy Salita had stated previously regarding Floyd Mayweather.

Salita used to spar Mayweather himself and also spoke to ES News about the incident in question.

“This guy comes into the gym, a heavyweight. Haid ‘I wanna get some boxing.’ And he was just talking a lot of smack,” Salita pointed out.

“Floyd was like ‘Leonard (Ellerbe), get my stuff from the car!’

“Floyd got in the ring with him, 30 seconds, (he does his) shoulder roll and blocks (the punches). Just then, hits the guy with a body shot and drops the guy. A heavyweight!”

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