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How to Store Your Boxing Equipment

Boxing exercise is a fantastic cardiovascular workout. At one point, it requires a variety of muscles while demanding rapid movement, making it an ideal activity to improve the cardio stamina.

Not only does it help you lose weight by increasing the heart rate, but it also helps to strengthen the heart, regulate blood pressure, and lower the risk of heart disorder. No wonder it is a sport that a lot of people enjoy. In this writing, we are going to discuss the proper care and storage of your boxing equipment.


The boxing gloves and wrist wraps could build up mildew after regular use. Between each training, it is important to thoroughly clean gloves using a cloth and antibacterial spray both in and out of gloves to wipe out the bacteria. The trouble with boxing gloves is that they get moist from within, and do not always get the chance to dry. You can crumble a few pieces of paper stuffed inside the gloves as that can help remove the moisture and prevent it from getting moldy. You should also not leave the gloves in your gym bag or trunk of your vehicle, but hang them in a well-ventilated place instead. Alternatively, you can even store the equipment in storage units, because they provide extra security measures to keep it protected as well. The positive thing about using the facilities is that you will be able to store your belongings while also allowing more space in your home. Avoid drying it in the sun as instances of the gloves starting to peel off soon afterward. 

Hand Wraps

Choosing to wear a fresh pair of hand wraps beneath your boxing gloves will cover your hands and wrists while also removing the sweat you are producing. The best care of your hand wraps is to simply remove the wraps from your bag and hang them up, so they can dry out. It will help protect against gross smells and the buildup of mold. You need to place them in the washing machine after a few sessions to get them completely washed up. Place the wrap in a small mesh bag to prevent getting tangled up. Rather using a dryer you can hang it up to get more shelf life out of the wraps.


Cleaning your mouthguard is extremely important because you leave a lot of spit, saliva, and blood to dry after use. If you leave the guard in the bag unclean, several bacteria can be collected. Rinse the guard for every session before and after use, to make sure this doesn’t happen. After your training session, we strongly encourage you to soak it in a glass filled with water and mouthwash overnight. Keep the mouthpiece in the case while in your bag for hygienic purposes.

Boxing is an efficient form of muscle building in your body. Punching against resistance allows all our muscles to contract with more force and speed, and further improve the resilience and power. Boxing can be for everyone, no matter the age, appearance, or sex. Each and anyone can work their way up to a successful physical fitness.