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Home » Opinion: Pacquiao vs McGregor at 170 will never happen

Opinion: Pacquiao vs McGregor at 170 will never happen

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Manny Pacquiao will not be facing Conor McGregor at 170 pounds inside an octagon anytime soon, despite rumors blowing up over the past week.

After wishing McGregor a happy birthday on July 14th, Pacquiao was greeted with a ‘Thank You, Emmanuel, 170’ response.

This led to speculation Pacquiao could be ready to fight his Paradigm Sports Management stablemate in a possible McGregor-led promotion.

I’m saying this will not happen without going out on a limb. Here’s why.

Pacquiao vs McGregor weight difference

Pacquiao fights at 147 in boxing, even though his ideal weight is 140. This is due to the fact the welterweight division is so lucrative.

There’s not much money flying around at super-lightweight.

Now, in MMA, welterweight ranges from 156 pounds to that 170 figure McGregor mentioned. But that’s still a big push for the ‘Pacman.’

The Filipino senator couldn’t even make 154 when he campaigned at super-welterweight in 2010.

Opponent Antonio Margarito scaled 150, the contracted limit. At the same time, Pacquaio could only hit 144 and change.

Therefore, any Pacquiao vs. McGregor fight would have to be between 148 and 153. The latter is the limit McGregor agreed for Floyd Mayweather in 2017.

That’s the weight out of the way. Now for MMA.


At this stage of his career, making a move into MMA is highly unlikely for Pacquiao. The 41-year-old would have at least been in training for the transition by now – if he was even considering it.

If Pacquiao vs McGregor does happen, it’s far more feasible to be a boxing match.

Pacquiao’s business manager Arnold Vegafria spoke about the chances to The Manila Times earlier this year. He says it’s probably going to be 2021.

That was before the pandemic hit.

“With a possible fight against (Conor) McGregor, because they now have the same company, there’s a big chance. Next year, (though). That’s next year,” Vegafria said.

“Who’s the best big mega bout? McGregor or (Floyd) Mayweather is available for the senator. If ever the fight against Mayweather doesn’t happen, at least we have another one, which is McGregor.


“So they are in the same company, so there’s a possibility that it will happen.

“Senator Manny Pacquiao’s former agreements do not legally bind him in such a way as to prevent him from pursuing certain fights with other promoters.

“The previous agreement has no impact on the ability of Paradigm Sports to negotiate on behalf of Senator Manny Pacquiao going forward.

“Manny is now represented by Paradigm Sports, who are actively negotiating his future fight options.”

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