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Mladen Miljas, opponent record of 93-96-3, ranked 14th by WBA

A quick look at the current World Boxing Association heavyweight rankings for July this week threw up another unexpected curveball in Mladen Miljas.

On the back of WBN covering the inclusion of Christopher Lovejoy in the list, a second headscratcher has been uncovered.

Lovejoy was dumped from the ratings just weeks after WBN wrote an article on how the American could be ranked with such an appalling opponent record.

When WBN published the article in October, Lovejoy, 36, had beaten foes with a combined record of 39 wins, 177 losses, and 12 draws.

Since then, ‘Pretty Boy’ scored another victory. The opponent’s C.V. read 12-15-7. That takes Lovejoy’s tally to 51 wins, 192 losses, and 19 draws – all in.

With Lovejoy now no longer considered, who would the WBA draft in? –  A top contender, maybe? Someone like Daniel Dubois or Filip Hrgovic?

Mladen Miljas

No such luck. Step forward Mladen Miljas.

The 27-year-old boasts 12 wins, all inside the distance. Sounds good.

That’s until you dissect those triumphs one by one and come up with a total of 93-96-3 for those the Canadian has toppled.

It begs the question WBN has asked time and again. How can a significant organization rate anyone with such a record? – It is beyond belief.

Young fighters are spoonfed, for the most part, earlier in their career. But gaining a rating should come from actually defeating some other fighters around them.

Miljas, in his last four bouts – and those which gave him a WBA Ranking of 14, beat Aaron Chavers (8-8-1), Matthew Greer (16-22), Wayman Carter (3-3), and Travis Fulton (25-46-2).

WBA ranking

Let’s be clear. Those victories have given Miljas a sufficient placement to be considered for a voluntary with WBA heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua. Quite unreal.

It’s absolutely nothing against ‘Monster’ Miljas himself. He’s probably a nice guy and has done nothing wrong here. The Canadian champion can only knock over what’s in front of him.

But who is looking at the Miljas record and saying, ‘Yes – he deserves to be ranked alongside Derek Chisora, Kubrat Pulev, Andy Ruiz Jr., and Michael Hunter?

This is an ongoing problem with the WBA, who still have Fres Oquendo rated at number 15. ‘The Big O’ hasn’t fought for SIX YEARS.

Granted, there’s ongoing litigation regarding Oquendo and a long-running feud with the WBA. But hasn’t this gone on long enough?

As for Lovejoy, his presence caused enough of a stir for the WBA to react.

Maybe when they realize this astounding mistake, they may react again.

Here’s hoping.

The views expressed in this article are the opinions of Phil Jay.

WBN Editor Phil Jay has over ten years of boxing news experience. Furthermore, follow WBN on Facebook @officialworldboxingnews, Instagram, and Twitter @worldboxingnews.