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WBC, WBA open to more world title unifications

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Gilberto Mendoza, the President of the World Boxing Association, has revealed his willingness to work with the World Boxing Council on unifications.

After stating more titles in boxing make for a ‘better’ fan experience, Mendoza is open to having multiple unified champions instead of dropping belts.

Previously, WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman has both lauded and been frustrated with Mendoza for his views on titles but has held several meetings to find a solution.

Fans have been tearing their hair out for years about the many straps on offer. In recent years – even more, have been added to the mix.

The latest of which the WBA is guilty of in the ‘Gold Title’ created in 2018. The WBO also has launched the ‘Global Title’ – whatever that is.

Speaking to ESPN on the matter at hand, Mendoza outlined his commitment to helping all aspects of boxing despite keeping all the WBA belts on the table.

“We would love to have a balance in terms of titles,” Mendoza told ESPN. “But it’s the balance we offer.

“Why do we believe that credibility is not only given by a title because we also support the amateur side.

“A few months ago we had fighters from 11 countries having a blast in Medellín, Colombia, during the convention and shortly before we launched courses for judges in which nearly 1,200 people participated.

“We are about to launch online courses for children from 9 to 14 years old. We will launch a project for youngsters in Brazil with the help of Acelino Freitas. That is our balance.


Balancing the good with the bad might work for the WBA. Although I’m sure the vast majority of the boxing community would disagree.

“The ideal would be to do a tournament like the World Boxing Super Series does where we have the best,” said Mendoza. “Not just the fighters that a promoter or two promoters offer us.

“Following the rules has a cost and more in these days of the Covid-19. Only the World Boxing Council and we were looking for a way to support it (with unifications).

“If the solution is then to have a champion, we are going to unite. Let there be only one, but that we all have to work together,” he concluded.