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Boxing Nutrition: Foods to Avoid – Plumped Poultry

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By Dr. Phillip Goglia – Plumped poultry? (& what is plumped poultry – Plumped poultry has been around for years … mostly passed the Mason Dixon line.

For decades southern restaurants and cafeterias would soak their chicken in a saltwater solution to “plump or tenderize” the chicken meat — so that the cheaper cuts of meat would be tender and juicy… especially as fried chicken.

The chicken would hold more water and sodium per ounce of meat – the result is more flavorful meat but one that contains a higher sodium count that would, in turn, cause water retention in those that consumed the plumped poultry — for those people with high blood pressure – naturally occurring water retention and coronary heart failure risks this is not a good choice.

Most recently meat corporations have made it a practice to plump their poultry for the same reasons. But one additional frightening reason… as the chicken is plumped it will weigh more per square inch of the product.

So a regular 6 oz breast when plumped might weigh as much as 9 oz post plumping and in turn because of the additional sodium water solution … cost the consumer more without costing the manufacturer more money to feed a larger chicken.

“In turn, the manufacturer makes more bottom dollar profit and provides the consumer with a chicken breast that could damage heart health and cardiovascular health.

Nice right??