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‘He should chill, but who’d argure with Mike Tyson?’

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Mike Tyson should stay out of the ring at the age of 54 and concentrate on his many business ventures, according to British promoter Eddie Hearn.

‘The Baddest Man on the Planet’ has been teasing a comeback for weeks now. Entertaining the masses during coronavirus lockdown and beyond.

A former undisputed and the youngest heavyweight champion of all time, Tyson has stirred up a bees nest of interest in when and how a return could go.

Some are predicting a ten-rounder sanctioned by the WBC. Whilst others believe it will merely be a three-round exhibition, possibly against old foe Evander Holyfield.

Should he make a bonafide appearance for the first time since his last fight on 11th June 2005, Hearn didn’t seem convinced that it was the best idea.

“It’s hard to knock Mike Tyson, isn’t it. You certainly wouldn’t want to knock him to his face,” Hearn told JD Sports. “But he is getting on a bit, you know.

“If you watch his last fight again against Kevin McBride you know he’s not going to have got any better since that last fight. He wasn’t great then,” he pointed out.

“So I’d like to see him chill out and just use training to stay healthy. But listen, if he wants to make a comeback, I’m not going to argue with him.”


Tyson is looking in superb condition as he steps into his mid-fifties. A lot of current top division performers look a lot worse than he does.

But it’s one thing saying you’re in shape and posting twenty-second clips. The proof of the pudding will be after the first minute and a half of a competitive bout.

Then, you also have to take into account getting punched in the head. Tyson hasn’t been used to that for fifteen years. It’s something fighters become accustomed to from the start of their career.

Brain function isn’t as good as it is when you are even in your thirties. So Tyson and Holyfield for that matter, will both need to be monitored closely.

I’m sure fans really want to see the Mike Tyson vs Holyfield trilogy come to fruition.

But let’s be smart about it and do two-minute rounds of three sessions with at least a one-minute breaks in-between.

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