Six reasons to date a professional boxer

Boxers are fit, tough, and strong individuals. They’re pretty much the antithesis of everything you’re taught to seek in a male partner.

However, they do have some unique things about them which make boxers worth dating. The experts from tendermeets dating site have shared for you an interesting collection of reasons to date a professional boxer.

He is healthy and athletic

As one might imagine, the first reason to date a boxer is that they tend to be in great shape. They will be healthy and athletic in ways that you cannot imagine. The stamina that a boxer needs to move and throw punches for up to half an hour is immense, so you’ll be with a partner that can keep up with you in a lot of different ways. You can guarantee that he’ll be a good runner and he won’t be afraid to hit the weights with you, too. The health and fitness that you see in this sort of partner are difficult to surpass.

He is confident in himself and in his actions

Another reason that you’ll love to date a boxer is that they have a tendency to be incredibly confident in themselves. For one thing, they know that they can handle themselves physically and they don’t have to worry about stepping up for their rights. Like it or not, most people don’t get involved in arguments for fear that it will turn into a physical confrontation. Yet, a boxer will always get what they deserve because most other people will shrink away from an argument with them. Nobody is right all the time, but at least your man will be confident while doing just about anything.

He will always protect you

There is nothing worse than dating someone that can’t protect you. What if someone disrespected you physically while you’re out at the bar or club? Most men would shy away from protecting their date, but not a boxer. Not only is a boxer intimidating enough to make people regret their actions, but they also have the ability to protect people if it comes to a physical altercation. Most boxers would rather do anything than get into a fight outside of the ring, but they have their training and practice if they happen to need it. That is not something that most people can say!

He has a beautiful body

Boxers train a lot. They are lifting, working on cardio, or hitting the bag to improve themselves almost every day. The thing about doing all these exercises is that it tends to get men into great shape. Even if you are dating a heavyweight, the chances are that he won’t be fat or flabby. He’ll have some fluff on him, but he’ll have a ton of muscle under that which can be used to generate tons of power. Their bodies are more than most people have; they’re closer to works of art. If you are dating a boxer that is in the lower weight classes, they’ll be sinewy and tough, just enough to get the job done in the ring.

You will be proud of him

Boxers are a unique breed of people. They’re entering a ring and beating on someone while also trying not to get knocked out. It’s not the sort of thing that most men would enjoy doing. When your date goes into the ring and comes out as a victor, there are no words to describe the feeling of pride that radiates. You know that he went into a ring alone and came out as a winner in a combat sport that could have harmed him a great deal.

Boxing World – A Whole New World

The world of boxing in any circuit is very different from the realm that most people inhabit. When you’re dating a boxer, you’ll go to different cities, see the different gyms that guys train in, and meet people that others would pay to meet. It’s an entirely different world that ranges in style from extremely gritty to glamorous as some of the biggest boxers in the world make a ton of money. You’ll get to be by your date’s side the whole way through, supporting them and seeing a side of the world that most people never will!

Dating a boxer is not for everyone. Boxers are men that come home looking completely disfigured from getting punched in the face while they’re in the ring. You have to be caring and somewhat dedicated to date a boxer. The benefits are immense, though. You can meet new people, go to new places, and always feel protected while you’re with them. Finding a boxer isn’t always easy, but you can start dating them by going to gyms to meet people, using a dating site, and going to amateur matches. Open your mind and get ready to meet interesting people.