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Home » Jarrell Miller already had Top Rank-imposed ban – Bob Arum

Jarrell Miller already had Top Rank-imposed ban – Bob Arum

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Promoter Bob Arum has revealed that Top Rank gave Jarrell Miller their self-imposed one-year ban when signing the heavyweight.

In 2019, when Arum had the opportunity to sign Miller, the ‘Big Baby’ had tested positive before a fight with Anthony Joshua.

At that time, Miller wasn’t licensed. This led to a gray area where the undefeated American potentially faced no sanction, despite testing positive for three banned substances.

Jarrell Miller

The World Boxing Council had already banished Miller from their ranking for not signing up for the Clean Boxing Program. At the same time, the WBA offered a six-month suspension from their heavyweight rating system.

But the New York State Athletic Commission, under whose jurisdiction the Joshua fight would be held, was powerless to ban Miller.

This led to Arum imposing his twelve-month exile on Miller before allowing him to fight in the State of Nevada.

“What happened in New York? He didn’t have a license. He tested dirty. The fight was off,” Arum told talkSPORT.

“We went to the Nevada Commission to schedule him for a fight. We told the Nevada Commission, ‘Look, if he had been licensed in New York, they would’ve given him a one-year suspension. So let’s do it ourselves. Let’s keep him out for the year.’

“They did (allow him to fight after a year) and then he te, sted dirty again. Now it’s up to the commission to determine the penalty.

“And I believe that it’ll either be multi-year or life.

“If he isn’t banned for life, then I believe it’ll be a multi-year suspension.”

Jerry Forrest

Arum echoed the sentiments of opponent Jerry Forrest’s sentimentsxclusive interview after Miller popped dirty again.

He added: “I look at it this way. If a fighter takes performance-enhancing drugs to prepare for a fight, I look at attempted murder.

“If he somehow evaded the test, he would go in the ring seriously compromising his opponent. I believe that would be attempted murder.”

Miller’s career is currently in tatters. Despite the fighter strenuously denying any wrongdoing for the second time in fifteen months.

Where the heavyweight goes from here is anyone’s guess.

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