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Home » Tyson Fury cutman closes gym due to COVID-19, thieves strike

Tyson Fury cutman closes gym due to COVID-19, thieves strike

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Jorge Capetillo has suffered a double-whammy after the cutman of world heavyweight champion Tyson Fury saw his gym broken into by thieves.

Capetillo, credited with saving Fury’s undefeated record when a horrible cut opened up against Otto Wallin, revealed the news on Monday evening.

The coach is currently quarantining after contracting COVID-19. Capetillo was forced to close due to the possibility of an outbreak.

It was not revealed what, if anything, the criminals had taken.

Recently, Fury sent Capetillo further financial help after initially giving the Mexican a reported $5,000 bonus on the night.

Due to the coronavirus spread, several trainers and gym owners have struggled. Fury didn’t want to see Capetillo as one of those victims.

Despite Fury’s best efforts, it hasn’t stopped the perpetrators from compounding Capetillo’s woes.

Capetillo had previously defended Fury over a glove-tampering storm. In an exclusive WBN video, Capetillo attempted to debunk any notion.

Watch the video below:


On that infamous Fury-Wallin fight and cut, Capetillo spoke to WBN in the aftermath.

He said: “It was a really dramatic time of the moment because, at the beginning of the round, Tony Weeks came to the corner and said it was an accidental headbutt. So, you know we understand if it doesn’t cross the four rounds, it will be a no contest. And if we cross the four rounds, it will go to the cards.

“By the end of the fifth or sixth, Bernardo (Osuna of ESPN) came to the corner. He said, Jorge. We got a replay already. The President of the Nevada State Commission said it was a punch.

“From that moment on, everything changed because we understood if the fight stopped, we would lose by TKO, and it was my responsibility.

“But I know about Tyson Fury’s capacity, his will to fight. So it was just a matter of putting all my effort and experience in. Just seeing round by round, which we did.”

WBN would like to wish Mr. Capetillo well with his recovery.

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