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Gervonta Davis, Ivan Redkach spar disagreement blows up

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Gervonta Davis has been accused of leaving an agreed six-round sparring session with Ivan Redkach after four rounds and failing to return the next day.

Both fighters enjoyed a good session over the weekend, which Redkach says Davis pulled out of on the back of the fourth.

The pair were then said to have booked another day of trading blows. Redkach has since stated Davis didn’t turn up.

Gervonta Davis

Redkach began the beef with a semi-respectful but frustrated post.

He said: “The deal was for six rounds, but you left after the fourth round. Sad I can’t show my side of this sparring session. My respect to you and your team.”

Davis responded by showing a video from one of the rounds as Redkach had his head rocked back.

Redkach retorted, “Gervonta “Tank” Davis, you still owe me two rounds. The deal was for six rounds, and you left after the fourth round.

“You did the best 30 sec of yours and left. Sad I can’t show my side of the sparring because I followed the rules of your manager and didn’t do video.”

‘Tank’ said he’d be there Monday for another crack at Redkach and would be showing footage live on social media.

Ivan Redkach

Monday came and went. Redkach wondered where Davis was.

“I was waiting at the gym for sparring from 10 to 11 am. You didn’t come,” he pointed out. “You know that sparrings take place in the morning.

“I feel bad for our fans that you did not give them a chance to see the real sparring (session) and not just those 30 sec. God Bless You.”

Davis wasn’t done.

“I didn’t even spar you at 10 nor 11 the first time we sparred. We sparred at 2 pm. I’m not even a morning person to even get up that early! You a b—-!”

Again, Redkach replied: “It’s just a sparring session. It’s not fights if you want fights with me, 140 pounds. I’ll show you real fights.

“Believe me. I can’t wait for you for half a day. I have a plan for the day. There is a child; we went for a walk on the ocean to play and enjoy life; my work is done.”

Shawn Porter

World champion Davis advised Redkach not to face Shawn Porter in a rumored clash this summer.

“You a tune-up fight for everybody, dummy! I advise you not to take that fight with Shawn because he will kill you. You can’t hit, nor can you take a punch!”

The back-and-forth continued for another few hours as Redkach reminded Gervonta Davis of his win over Yuriorkis Gamboa.

“You could not beat grandfather Gamboa with one leg. What are you talking about?”

In what was a final attempt to put a halt to the Twitter argument, Davis offered another set of rounds.

“Do you want to spar tomorrow or not? You are losing me.”

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