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Face masks for referees will continue, say World Boxing Council

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In the framework of boxing’s return with strict new hygiene and protection rules and protocols due to the Covid-19 pandemic, several parties have approached the World Boxing Council to suggest referees not to wear face masks or mouth covers, during their work in the ring, pointing out that the masks limit the passage of air and hinder the normal oxygenation process.

After the World Boxing Council consulted with several worldwide experts and its Medical Committee, it has been determined that the use of the mask is not, in any way, harmful for the referee at all, so it does not pose a risk to their health. The decision of the use of mouth covers will be for each referee or boxing commission where the fight takes place.

It is important to note that according to the protocol proposed by the WBC, the referee, the boxers and all the personnel participating in a boxing card, necessarily go through a COVID-19 test before entering the arena, in addition to the initial tests and medical follow-ups.

The use of face mask is mandatory to most of those present, as an added precaution to all, and if the referee feels comfortable, he should be able to wear it just as they use latex gloves.

The protocol issued by the WBC for closed doors boxing cards has been successfully implemented in various cities around the world, at this stage of Boxing’s restart.