MTK Global branches out to The Lake District for new gym facility

RINGSIDE 09/07/2020

MTK Global is delighted to announce the groundbreaking launch of the new MTK Lake District training camp facility.

The state-of-the-art complex will be the UK’s answer to the renowned Big Bear Gym in America, offering boxers the chance to spend training camps in the Lake District surrounded by elite level equipment and surroundings.

The boxing focused camp will be the first of its kind in the UK, with an ABA affiliated gym, on-site accommodation, a huge outdoor training facility, hot tubs, saunas and ice baths just some of the incredible benefits available.

MTK Global will be teaming up with former boxer Ryan Watson to launch the new facility, and he is delighted with the initiative.

He said: “Watson’s Boxing and Fitness is extremely excited for this new venture. To be teaming up with the world’s foremost boxing management company in MTK Global is an amazing opportunity.

“Currently we are an ABA affiliated gym and we have a large outdoor training facility which is located within the Lake District. We have hot tubs, ice tubs and saunas along with a log cabin and pods for accommodation for potential elite boxers and trainers to use.

“Watson’s Gym is extremely beneficial for boxers as we are one of a kind and able to cover all aspects of training to help boxers progress, thrive and become future champions.

“We are very proud of what we have achieved, as this is something that we have aimed for. To be able to offer a unique boxing facility is incredible, and especially being one of a kind within the UK is just phenomenal. My dad Frank is a partner in the business too, so it’s great to be working alongside him on this as well.

“As I have been a professional boxer and managed and trained by world class trainer Johnney Roye of MTK Manchester, I feel I have great knowledge to advise and train future boxers. My advice to any future boxers young or old coming to Watson’s Gym is to work and train hard. We promise to give our full commitment and attention in their training.”


MTK Global Chief Strategy Officer Paul Gibson added: “We noticed a gap in the market for boxing-specific fight camps in the UK so it is wonderful to embark on this venture with Ryan.

“As an old MTK Manchester fighter himself, we know he shares our values in terms of providing boxers with the best opportunities to succeed in the sport and in life.

“This MTK Lake District training camp is a part of that ethos with facilities and an environment that are ideal for boxers looking to focus their preparation ahead of a fight.

“The goal is to make it as iconic as a Deer Lake or a Big Bear and to house just as many champions as those two famous camps.”