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Home » Amir Khan open to Marcos Maidana II after no Pacquiao progress

Amir Khan open to Marcos Maidana II after no Pacquiao progress

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Amir Khan is open to facing Marcos Maidana for a second time after Manny Pacquiao once again failed to show interest in a potential meeting.

The Bolton man revealed to WBN on more than one occasion that Pacquiao is now his number one target. Since then, no from advances have been forthcoming from Team Pacquiao.

Marcos Maidana

This led to Khan moving on to potential new suitors, and asked by the WBA in a recent interview whether he would face Maidana again, the 33-year-old answered an unequivocal ‘yes’.

Maidana is back following a six-year absence and has been pushing the notion of a Khan return through his team.

Firstly, ‘Chino’ has a warm-up clash with Jorge Cali. After that, any of the top names could be on the horizon.

Khan and Maidana first met in 2010 in what was a Fight of the Year battle. Khan’s victory earned him the WBN Fighter of the Year nod for a stellar twelve months.

As Pacquiao contemplates his next move, Khan looks likely to move on from chasing the Filipino Senator.

Meanwhile, Khan spoke about another subject close to his heart with the WBA.

Amir Khan

One of the World Boxing Association’s (WBA) main objectives has been to promote the sport around the world. Thus, Khan’s proposal to bring boxing to Pakistan with the support of the pioneer organization is a project that is taken very enthusiastically.

The Pakistani-born British fighter participated in the WBA 99th Convention during a chat with fans via Zoom and talked about his history, his best fights, and highlighted his commitment and motivation to work with the WBA.

“I started my academy in Pakistan. I have had the support of the local federation. Now I want to do professional events with the help of the WBA”, Khan said in the talk.

The fighter wants to support Pakistani youth through sports and make significant professional events.

he WBA has been discussing several points with Khan and has agreed to put the plan into action as soon as possible.

For the oldest organization in world boxing, it is an honor to reach the most remote places with boxing. To be part of such important projects in many countries, and to benefit the athletes.