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Home » Floyd Mayweather 50-0 vs Wanheng 54-0 vs Rocky Marciano 49-0

Floyd Mayweather 50-0 vs Wanheng 54-0 vs Rocky Marciano 49-0

Floyd Mayweather had a recent scare as WBC minimumweight champion Wanheng Menaythin was rumored to have hung up his gloves.

At 54-0, Wanheng’s decision would have meant Mayweather was no longer the significant record holder in retirement.

Mayweather overhauled the great Rocky Marciano back in 2017. He then sailed off into the sunset on 50-0 and with almost a billion dollars earned during his career.


Marciano, known as ‘The Brockton Blockbuster’, stepped away from boxing in 1955 having amassed what seemed an unsurpassable total of 49-0.

Knocking out 43 opponents, Marciano was a heavyweight force fighting before the era of the super-heavyweight.

Campaigning predominantly between 180 and 195 pounds, Marciano would have been a cruiserweight in this day and age. But he regularly fought foes far heavier than himself.

This makes his achievements all the more outstanding. Although Marciano could only beat what was in front of him in that era. He certainly did that.

Wins over Jersey Joe Walcott, Ezzard Charles, and an aged Archie Moore helped elevate Marciano into the Hall of Fame.


These days, all four would have been operating in a different weight class entirely.

Rocky Marciano Floyd Mayweather


Therefore, it’s tough to compare with the top division punchers of any future period. As from the 1960s, heavyweights went super-charged.

Sonny Liston, followed by the likes of George Foreman, Ken Norton, and Larry Holmes. They brought in a new breed.

Muhammad Ali, who was a combination of skills and speed, could probably have made it in any generation.

That 49-fight undefeated run stands up. But due to longevity alone had diminished year upon year. Mayweather’s 50 wins do come with a whole lot more credibility and freshness.

A workhorse like Marciano was in the gym, Mayweather had one goal when embarking on his career – to best the ever.


Never shirking a challenge, Floyd Mayweather fought world champion after world champion once he’d made it to the very top with a win over Oscar De La Hoya.


Ten years in, Mayweather was the top dog of the new century in 2007. He never looked back. It would have been nigh on impossible to even contemplate anybody amassing a better C.V. if arch-rival Manny Pacquiao hadn’t come along.

Pacquiao’s emergence at the same time gives hope to others in the future, even despite the fact the Filipino Senator lost seven times. This is probably the major infliction that sets them apart and is the number one argument when May and Pac fans collide.

As for Wanheng, even if the Thai master wins another ten fights and gets out of 64-0, the honor will never be anything other than a symbol.

Fighting his entire tenure in the lower divisions, Wanheng had to move up at least two or three divisions to be taken seriously in the conversation.

As things stand, Wanheng will have to be content with probably being the best 1o5 world title-holder of all time – as Mayweather is miles and miles ahead.

Phil Jay is Editor of WBN. An Auxiliary member of the Boxing Writers Association of America. Follow on Twitter @PhilDJay