Deontay Wilder was dropped before Tyson Fury, video footage questioned

Deontay Wilder was put on the canvas before his fateful meeting with Tyson Fury back in February, although footage of the incident doesn’t seem to exist.

Conspiracy theorists believe any video evidence of the weakness, which saw Wilder eventually saved by the bell against Harry Sconiers, was buried.

In the end, Sconiers was blasted out in the fourth round having been dropped four times. But detractors of Wilder are now stating being downed by a 20-loss opponent in 2010 would have been detrimental to the successful building of the American’s name.

Discussions had already been swirling of a weak chin due to being stopped in the amateurs. Plus from incidents during a European sparring tour.

This possibly could have been made a lot worse if the Sconiers troubling was readily available.

People talk more of Wilder’s fragility since Fury dropped him on more than one occasion before ending the job in seven.

With clips on tap for use of the Sconiers downing, would Wilder have bee able to pass up the notion of a weak chin?

Tyson Fury knockdown Deontay Wilder
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At the end of the day, you can’t work on taking a punch. You’ve either got it or you haven’t.

Add to that the fact Sconiers was just over six feet two and 225 pounds soaking wet, and you’d have a big problem convincing anyone otherwise.

This information has never been spoon-fed to fans. They’d certainly have needed it given the YouTube and video age we currently live in.


If you’re being put down by predominant cruiserweights. Then going up against a six-foot nine-inch beast like Fury, then that could change your thinking considerably.

Questions could now be asked of what kind of shape Fury was actually in when he fought Wilder the first time. Any solid blow landed cleanly may well have been enough to end the argument without the need for a rematch.

But as is boxing, there’s a trilogy transpiring from what now looks to be a wholly one-sided match-up. That’s if you believe the conspiracists.

Wilder really has to detonate a huge banger on Fury’s chin. One even more solid and powerful than the first fight. That’s in order to prove he belongs in this kind of class.

It really is that critical. There really are that many people who now see Wilder as a far more inferior campaigner than Fury.

There’s plenty to prove for the underdog in the trilogy.

Phil Jay is Editor of WBN. An Auxiliary member of the Boxing Writers Association of America. Follow on Twitter @PhilDJay