Tyson Fury glove conspiracy neutralized, but disbelievers won’t budge

Tyson Fury addressed shocking rumors regarding possible loaded gloves last week but that hasn’t stopped the conspiracy theorists from running with their agenda.

‘The Gypsy King’ took to social media to blast Deontay Wilder’s brother for stating a ‘blunt object’ had caused damage to his sibling’s head.

Marsellos Wilder, also a professional boxer, made the allegations via his Instagram account. Fury wasn’t impressing when responding in kind.

“This is just a quick video to address all this foul play talk from Deontay Wilder and his team. I just read an article (World Boxing News posted) before saying I might have had some blunt objects in my glove.

“Yea, two big nineteen stone seven, 275-pound destroyers in each glove. So yeah, getting punched to the temple may do that to you.

“Everybody else was in the room (when my hands were wrapped). They don’t leave you. We all know this. So everybody citing foul play… bulls—!.

“The next time I’ll put a dent in his boxing career and end it. Because it’ll be two knockout losses in a row. Bye-bye forever.”

Antonio Tarver, a former undisputed light-heavyweight title-holder in his own right, backed Fury up.

He said: “More crazy Fury vs Wilder fight conspiracies have been floating around. Fury responds as you would expect.

“(My take is) I knew they were chasing a ghost with all of the outlandish accusations.

“Anyone that ever had on a pair of gloves knew that was some bulls—!”

TV network BT Sport, who hold the UK rights to Fury fights, has been outlining as much footage as they can since the accusations reared their head again.


Posting the actual wrapping (which you can see here) and slow-motion clips of both Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder bouts still hasn’t stopped those doubters.

Replied included:

“Why are his gloves flopping? I’ve never seen that before in a boxing match. If I’m wrong, please share a link to similar highlights with the aforementioned glove situation.”

“Fury is a cheat. Glove gate.”

And that was just the first page.

They continued with:

“It is weird how Fury’s gloves bend.”

“Glove doing a lotta odd movements at 0:13.”

Ever since Fury defeated Wilder in such a dominant fashion, videos and clips have exploded onto the internet, mainly through YouTube.

As first, it was footage of the December 2018 fight. But since then, the theories have moved onto the second taking place this year. Both now seem to be mentioned in the same breath.

There’s not much Fury can do about it. And even defending himself as he did so recently, only seems to antagonize the believers further.

How do we move on from something that simply won’t go away?