‘Eddie Hearn worse than horrible, wants 10k back!’ – says Amanda Serrano

Amanda Serrano and her manager have released a statement that labels Eddie Hearn ‘worse than horrible’ after the promoter asked for a $10,000 training advance back.

Hearn, Serrano’s co-promoter, had given the seven-weight world champion the money to get ready for a fight with Katie Taylor.

When the bout collapsed due to coronavirus, Hearn attempted to rescheduled on a Fight Camp Pay-Per-View in his garden, although the altered terms were not agreeable to Serrano.

The New York-based Puerto Rican is now raging at the actions of Hearn, who gave the WBN Women’s Fighter of the Year a deadline to refund the cash.

The information read: “Since last year, Amanda Serrano and Katie Taylor were scheduled to face off in a mega bout, but changes in logistics, caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and constant wavering in the purse keep delaying the fight.

“In March, we received $10,000 to be used for training expenses for the Taylor fight, which was previously scheduled for May 2nd. With that money, we hired a new trainer to help us in the technical aspects, hired sparring partners so we knew we wouldn’t miss out on any sessions.

“We also hired a nutritionist to make sure we maintained the weight up while training hard because 135 lbs isn’t Amanda’s natural weight while training hard she goes way under.

“Our new assistant trainer Gary Starks Sr. is out of Staten Island and those trips require a $19 daily tolls,” manager Jordan Maldonado Said.

“Yesterday (Wednesday) we were notified by our promoter Lou DiBella that Eddie Hearn wants that 10k back by tomorrow Friday at 5 pm.

“He seems not to care we trained not only from March till May but also for his rescheduled date of July 4th. Another date where he canceled without an accurate explanation.£

Maldonado added: “Now because we didn’t accept his offer after the July cancellation of taking a purse deduction and a change of venue to literally fight in his backyard at one of his homes, he’s being disrespectful and vindictive.


Amanda Serrano said: “I’ve lost two lucrative opportunities to fight in an MMA match and another to participate in the Exatlón competition waiting for Katie Taylor.

“The first dates were postponed because of issues on their side, not ours, and now I’m to blame?

“Signing with Matchroom Boxing has been stagnant in my career because I debuted with them in January 2019, made history, and I didn’t fight again until September.

“We just ask for respect and transparency. Their organizers say that the fight will be the biggest in women’s boxing, but their actions show the opposite.

“He sent a cease and desist letter to Telemundo which were to air the show Exatlón stopping me from competing and making money. Then, he turns around to ask for a refund of spent money I used to train for canceled fight dates.

“I’ve read from many that Mr. Hearn was a horrible person. Now I know first hand he’s actually worse than that.

“I’m a firm believer in God and know he doesn’t like ugly. To my Island and my fans, I love you and promise just like our island is resilient.

“So am I, we will be back!”