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Home » Jarrell Miller takes zero responsibility for fifth time PED failure

Jarrell Miller takes zero responsibility for fifth time PED failure

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Heavyweight Jarrell Miller has come out fighting because he tested positive for a fifth separate performance enhancing drug over the weekend.

Over the past fifteen months, the 31-year-old has caused the boxing world huge dismay because a fighter can pop dirty so many times.

Many certainly see Miller as a blatant cheat, while others struggle to give ‘Big Baby’ the benefit of the doubt.

Breaking his silence on the matter, the American clarified his position.

“This is something that was ingested,” Miller told Fight Network. “We don’t know if it was contaminated.

“We’re investigating as of right now. My team and I are working diligently to get the facts 100 percent straight.”

Asked during the interview if he’d taken something this time around after admitting it for the Anthony Joshua fight, Miller answered: “No, I have never ever willingly taken a steroid for performance enhancement purposes. No.

“Did I take something for healing properties, for injury? Yes, I have. Before a fight to win a fight and during a training camp, no, I have never done that.”

He added: “Nobody can be more outraged than me. I’m the one that’s lost millions of dollars. I’m the one that’s had his career on the line.

“But I have to think about it with a straight mind. I have to figure it out.

“I have to sit down with my team. Get everything in order and get everything done in the right way.”


Miller’s promoter Dmitriy Salita spoke to WBN in the wake of the news. He wasn’t briefed on Miller’s feelings at that time.

“I am disappointed,” he exclusively told World Boxing News. “I was looking forward to July 9th and Jarrell’s return to the ring.

“This news is shocking to me as well. Hopefully, soon we will find out more facts.

“As Bob Arum said, we’re all going to be guided by the decision of the Nevada Athletic Commission.”

Furthermore, if found guilty. All the significant organizations may move to impose up to a four-year ban on Miller.

This is despite calls for the former contender to face permanent exile from the sport.

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