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Home » Tony Bellew reacts to Jarrell Miller test: Ban for life!

Tony Bellew reacts to Jarrell Miller test: Ban for life!

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A staunch advocate for clean sport, former world champion Tony Bellew let rip with his views on the recent drug test failure by Jarrell Miller.

The American heavyweight, who lost out on facing Bellew’s stablemate Anthony Joshua after a trio of banned substances was found in his system last year, has been flagged again for one of those same three.

Bellew, who regularly calls for harsher punishments, didn’t hold back.

Tony Bellew

“Everyone knows my stance on this! These are PEDs, not Vicks nasal spray! BAN FOR LIFE!

“This is the only way to really stop this, IMO! If he gets banned for life, then, believe me, you will see the amount of failed tests in boxing drop by 90%.

“Take a stand, Boxing Boards!” he added.

Those words from ‘The Bomber’ come on the back of ex-world title-holder and Contender star Ishe Smith airing his views exclusively told WBN.

“Jarrell Miller is a good guy. He’s a big heavyweight with a gentle heart and has always been very nice when I have spoken to him in the past.

“The first test and all the combinations of banned substances were very disheartening. Like he had a cocktail of s— in his body. Like he had to know (what was in there).

“But this time is worse. People forgive by nature, and you pull this s— again? “I like Miller. I still think he’s a good dude. But I don’t know how you can rebound after back-to-back infractions regarding PEDs.

“He’s cost himself millions of dollars, and his reputation is forever tarnished. It’s truly sad.”

Jarrell Miller punishment

Are those lost paychecks punishment enough for Miller? – Many say no, and with good reason.

It’s time for a punishment body to be formed that can rule over the whole of boxing and dish out the correct sentences for this kind of misdemeanor.

Maybe Bellew should get the top job?

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