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Home » EXCLUSIVE: Jarrell Miller promoter shocked by fifth drug test fail

EXCLUSIVE: Jarrell Miller promoter shocked by fifth drug test fail

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The promoter of heavyweight Jarrell Miller, former fighter Dmitriy Salita, has reacted to WBN on the back of the shock news from Saturday night.

Firstly, Salita was asked for his thoughts on Miller testing positive for a banned substance yet again.

Including a failure in his days of Glory Kickboxing, Miller has been flagged for an adverse finding on five occasions.

Ahead of his fight with Anthony Joshua in the summer of 2019, Miller popped dirty for three separate steroids. The prior and latest one takes the total to a quintet.

It’s quite an unbelievable scenario for a man who Top Rank and Bob Arum gave a second chance. This is despite his previous misdemeanor.

“I am disappointed,” Salita exclusively told World Boxing News. “I was looking forward to July 9th and Jarrell’s return to the ring.

“This news is shocking to me as well. Hopefully, soon we will find out more facts.

“As Bob Arum said, we’re all going to be guided by the decision of the Nevada Athletic Commission,” he added.


Miller had again withdrawn into silence, as he did when the Joshua results were published. An initial apology then led to Miller completely distancing himself from the sport.

His Twitter account hasn’t been used since March 2019. The American’s Instagram has been deleted.

Where he goes from here is anyone’s guess. But the dismay from the boxing community will give ‘Big Baby’ few options.

Reporter Kieth Idec had the inside track on what kind of substance was in Miller’s system.

“Bob Arum just told me that Jarrell Miller tested positive for one of the same three banned substances for which he tested positive before the Anthony Joshua fight. Unreal.”

For the AJ collision, Miller ingested GW501516, EPO, and HGH. It’s thought GW501516, also known as Endurobol, was the culprit this time.

The drug is illegal and dangerous if used by athletes. Despite his massive frame, it obviously assisted in making Miller one of the most active heavyweights during fights.

Regularly weighing around 300 pounds, Miller had a perfect record. The 31-year-old was touted as a future world champion.

He’ll be lucky to get licensed and signed by any significant promotional outfits or TV networks.

Furthermore, his reputation will never recover.

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