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WBC to stage virtual 58th Convention from Saint Petersburg in August

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At the World Boxing Council we are convinced that together we are stronger, that boxing is capable of overcoming any border, boundary or frontier and that there is no adversity that can separate our GREAT family.

We all looked forward to the month of August for out fifty eighth WBC Convention, this time in the majestic city of St Petersburg, Russia. But life has changed and unfortunately it is not possible to travel physically right now. The great WBC Family has shown that together we are STRONGER and that nothing is IMPOSSIBLE.

So today we officially announce our ANNUAL WBC 58- VIRTUAL CONVENTION- IN ST PETERSBURG.

Our hosts, DO NOT forget the promise they made to us in Cancun, to make our convention a UNIQUE and UNFORGETTABLE event, so even though we will celebrate this great event virtually from August 12 to 15, we are sure that we will feel like at home, embraced by the warmth of the inhabitants of a city that combines culture, tradition, history and modernity and those who have predicted wonderful surprises for us.

The preparations have already begun, and we know that it will be a different convention, but our mission and commitment is to make this virtual convention UNIQUE and for this we are taking care of every detail because if we are sure of one thing it is that we will make you feel as if we were really together in this marvelous city.

We will have a spectacular agenda which includes Opening Ceremony, various presentations, of world rankings review session and review of the status of the mandatory defenses of each division, seminars for ring officials and meetings of all committees plus special awards. We will also have an important social agenda that will include the famous ballet, walks around the city and a big boxing card to close our activities.

Today, our imagination knows no bounds and appreciating the technological scope, we are innovating in such a way that WE WILL TAKE THE WBC CONVENTION TO YOU. Everyone will gather to celebrate life, the power of union and of course boxing, clearly showing that: BOXING IS STANDING!

Don’t forget, this year the date is August 12-15. ANNUAL CONVENTION 58 WBC-VIRTUAL, THE WORLD UNITED FROM SAINT PETESBURG!


Get into now and register! You will be part of this innovative and unforgettable event that we are convinced will make history.

Dear WBC family, stay tuned. We will release all the details soon!