S-Jam Boxing to donate percentage from Richards vs Sadiq bout to Yemen

Yemen – Boxing manager Sam Jones and partner Adam Morallee will not be taking any money from their boxer as Lerrone Richards takes on Omar Sadiq.

Richards and Sadiq collide for the British and Commonwealth super-middleweight titles in a recently announced clash by Queensberry Promotions.

Jones and Morallee, in their attempts to help in some way as the current crisis rages in Yemen, have made an applaudable gesture from their own pockets.

“Myself and Adam at S-Jam Boxing have taken the decision to donate our full percentage from this fight to the disaster that’s happening in Yemen,” said Sam Jones.

“We aren’t trying to encourage anyone else to do anything. It’s just something we strongly want to support. By talking about it we hope we can bring extra awareness to it.

“Yemen is on the verge of extinction. Just 100 pounds can help give a family food, water, and a hygiene kit. Adam and I want to help as many families as possible.”


The war in Yemen is now over five years long and has left 11.3 million children in need of humanitarian assistance to survive.

Extreme hunger and disease may have already claimed the lives of up to 85,000 young children. It’s devastating.

And after half of the country’s health facilities were destroyed through civil war, the impact of coronavirus will be devastating.

Yemen has just over 500 confirmed cases of the virus. But there are reports of deaths from COVID-19 symptoms from around the country and case fatality is alarmingly high.

It is a perfect storm of humanitarian, protection, and economic crises, with each fuelling the other.

Children are in the eye of that storm. Their fight to survive gets harder every day. Your support for our Yemen Appeal is urgent – please donate today.

Our (Save the Children) teams are in Yemen right now. They are making sure children can get food to eat, access healthcare, continue their education, and be protected from violence.

But the crisis is worsening. They need our help.

We’re doing everything we can to reach the most vulnerable children. But the on-and-off blockade is restricting our access.

Children urgently need your support to help them survive. Donate now.