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Home » Golden Boy Promotions star blasts ‘fake’ world title rematch story

Golden Boy Promotions star blasts ‘fake’ world title rematch story

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Golden Boy Promotions star JoJo Diaz Jr. has dismissed a report stating he was attempting to negate on a world title rematch with Tevin Farmer.

Diaz, who took the IBF super-featherweight title from Farmer in January, is contracted for a second clash with the now-former title-holder.

When this fact was challenged via social media, Diaz reacted angrily and set the record straight.

“This s— fake. You don’t know what you are talking about,” said Diaz. “Who are your sources? Have you seen the contract?

“Try being a real journalist instead of a biased fanboy or company man.”


Adding further when it was put to Diaz that Oscar De La Hoya or Eric Gomez may have stated it was a possibility, he stated: “Well, my promoter doesn’t speak for me.”

Farmer’s representative, Lou DiBella, then confirmed the pair will go at it again in the near future.


“Jojo is contracted to give Tevin Farmer a rematch immediately, with no exceptions,” cleared up DiBella.

“His promoter got him a title shot by making that deal when he wasn’t mandatory, and would not otherwise have gotten the opportunity.

“No one used anyone. You make a deal, you honor it.”


The man at the end of the loss, Farmer, was as humble as ever when beaten on points by Diaz at the time.

“My body felt drained vs JoJo Diaz. I felt like I could hardly make any movements,” he pointed out. “Time to do things differently. Rematch coming soon.

“Diaz capitalized off it and fought his butt off. “I’ll be a two-time World Champion next fight. Just wait on it.

“These changes I made are going to have me back to one hundred percent.”

As with most stipulated bouts, Diaz vs Farmer II is on hold until boxing gets out of the current coronavirus grip. That could take more months.

At present, only a certain amount of fighters can appear on a certain amount of shows. It’s unlikely Diaz vs Farmer II would take place before the fall.