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Manny Pacquiao tipped to be the first boxer to become President

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Legend Manny Pacquiao will become the first professional boxer-turned President, according to former promoter and Hall of Famer Bob Arum.

Despite Senator Pacquiao denying Arum’s claim that the Filipino told him he’d run for the role in 2022, that didn’t stop the Top Rank boss from laying further praise.

“I did a Zoom telephone call with him, ‘Bob, I’m gonna run in 2022, and, when I win, I want you there at my inauguration,” Arum initially told the WBC last week.

This led Pacquiao to respond.

“As far as I know, We never talked about politics,” Pacquiao told The Manila Times. “The last time we talked on zoom, Bob discussed possible fight schedules but never about politics.

“Our discussion was all about boxing,” he added.

The same media source then contacted Arum to clarify what happened between them. He apologetically said, “Well, again, I shouldn’t (have) said anything.

“I mean, you know, that was what it seemed like he was implying. But I shouldn’t have said anything. I apologize for that.

“When he decides to run, he will make an announcement. It shouldn’t be me talking about it.

President Manny Pacquiao

“I spoke out of term. He said things that led me to believe that’s what he was indicating. He didn’t say the words, so I shouldn’t have said anything. It was my fault.”

The 88-year-old concluded: “I wish all the best for Manny. He is a terrific person and will be a great leader of the country.

“To produce a president, that would undoubtedly be a great legacy. He will be a great president, and that’s all I have to say.

“The first president I think we’ll get, as a fighter, is Manny Pacquiao.”

After spells as Congressman and now Senator, the next logical step seems to be that of the Presidency for the 41-year-old.

But today, Pacquiao is still a fine boxer and a current world champion at welterweight.

There may still be at least two more fights before the inevitable happens in two years.

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