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Home » The weirdest successful excuse for a positive drug test in boxing goes to….

The weirdest successful excuse for a positive drug test in boxing goes to….

…Ginny Fuchs. The USA Olympic boxing hopeful has blamed her boyfriend’s semen for a positive drug test flagging for an adverse finding.

Unprotected sex has to be the weirdest, yet successful excuse a boxer has been cleared for in the entire process of USADA over the years.

Fuchs is now eligible to qualify for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, set to take place in 2021 due to coronavirus.

The 32-year-old revealed her relief when USADA accepted the explanation this week.

“I’m relieved that once USADA completed an extensive investigation, they found that my case was unique. Therefore, they gave me a No-Fault ruling. This allows me to return to competition.

“This has been a huge lesson for me. Now that is over, I’m fully focused on preparing for Tokyo,” said Fuchs.

In a USA Boxing statement, she added: “I had no idea that I could become contaminated by way of intimate contact with another person.

“I want to thank USA Boxing for believing in me. For supporting me throughout these past few difficult months.”

Ginny Fuchs USA Boxing

A USA Boxing spokesperson said they backed USADA’s stance.

“USA Boxing stands as a strong partner with USADA for clean sport. It fully supports USADA’s finding in this very unique case which led to the ‘no-fault’ finding.”


CEO of USADA, Travis Tygart believes other cases could go the same way as Ginny Fuchs.

“While the World Anti-Doping Code requires that this no fault-finding be considered a violation and be publicly announced, we strongly believe this case and others like it, including meat contamination and prescription medication contamination cases, should be considered no violation.

“We will continue to advocate for changes to the WADC so that where there is no intent to cheat and no performance benefit, an athlete should not face any violation or unnecessary public attention.”

The southpaw flyweight is a strong favorite to medal at the Games next year, having won Bronze in the World Championships in 2018 and a silver at the Pan-American games last year.