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Home » False-positive at Top Rank event reignites Tommy Morrison debate

False-positive at Top Rank event reignites Tommy Morrison debate

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Mikaela Mayer revealing her recent result from a COVID-19 test was a false positive brought the facts about Tommy Morrison flooding back.

Mayer was removed from a co-headline feature on Tuesday at the MGM Grand after Top Rank stuck to their strict protocols on coronavirus.

Even Mayer’s coach, who also worked with Shakur Stevenson, was removed from the event.

Taking to social media, Mayer explained what happened.

Mikaela Mayer’s false positive

“Received an email from physician involved in my case stating: “You are not sick & not infectious and your blood tests confirm this,” she said.

“Your case is the perfect example of why athletic commissions will need to change their process in the near future.

“My antibody test showed I was infected a few months back (pos IgG). My body was still shedding the virus which resulted in a positive test despite not being sick or infectious.

“Info from my case will help to adjust the testing protocol to avoid similar issues in the future.

“It’s actually not new information. They had my bloodwork/antibody info a week before the fight.

“The physician urged them to let me fight to see as I was no longer contagious. But the commission wouldn’t allow it. It’s still new and we’re all learning as we go.”

The late, great Morrison was also the subject of a false positive back in the 1990s when banned from the sport over a mistaken HIV diagnosis.

At the time, the Nevada State Athletic Commission had no clue that false positives even existed. This led to his widow Trish fighting to clear his name of ever having the disease.

‘The Duke’ lost his career, and when he died in 2013,  a post-mortem showed no signs of AIDS whatsoever.

Hearing the news of Mayer invoked a painful memory inside Trish, who reiterated her argument on the matter.

“We know from court records that the Nevada State Athletic Commission never bothered to research and test for false positives. They still don’t today,” she stated.

“Also, ESPN knew about other medical conditions that will result in false-positive results in HIV testing. But the producers (of 30for30) did not disclose this.

“It is a #scientific face supported by peer-reviewed scientific journals. See court documents.”

Tommy Morrison

“ESPN30FOR30 did not mention false POSITIVES occur. That the federal judge ruled from the bench that none of the tests given to TOMMY, and presented in COURT by the defendants, detected nor diagnosed the HIV VIRUS. Even though the ESPN producers had the Court records verifying that.

“No medical records exist at all in the lawsuit confirming any diagnosis of the HIV VIRUS.”

Trish remains steadfast in her journey and is awaiting a hearing taking place in Las Vegas on Tommy Morrison.

The coronavirus outbreak has so far delayed the process.

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