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Home » Adrien Broner aims rant at Oscar De La Hoya on Ryan Garcia

Adrien Broner aims rant at Oscar De La Hoya on Ryan Garcia

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Adrien Broner has hit the headlines for the wrong reasons once again with an astonishing rant aimed in the direction of Oscar De La Hoya.

After revealing his own stance on sitting out the coronavirus until purses are back to normal, Broner went in on De La Hoya,

Targetting the promoter for the checks he’s cutting his boxers as the sport returns slowly from the pandemic outbreak wasn’t one for the faint-hearted.

“Everybody who talked down on me or don’t support me and my dreams, keep the same energy once s— open up like legs at night,” Broner began.

‘The Problem’ then moved on to a slight dig at his TV network at Showtime and handler Al Haymon before Oscar De La Hoya was next in the firing line.

“After watching Shakur Stevenson fight yesterday, it made me wanna box again. Den (sic) I thought about the $10,000,000 that Showtime or Al Haymon ain’t called me about yet, and I said, f— it!”

De La Hoya’s drug shaming stemmed from advice Broner wanted to give Ryan Garcia.

‘King-Ry’ allegedly stated in a recent interview he wouldn’t be accepting a $200k offer from Golden Boy to fight in July.

Adrien Broner didn’t hold back.

“And Ryan Garcia, I’m with 100% with not fighting for that lil’ (sic) a– money. Tell Oscar De La Hoya to get the coke out of his face and pay his fighters properly with his high a–.

“Only a high a– man off drugs will come to one of their biggest fighters with that deal.”


The multi-weight world champion has been out of the ring since a loss to Manny Pacquiao in January 2019.

Making millions from his last four appearances, of which only one was a victory, Broner is happy to wait it out for the right offer.

There’s always a danger for Cincinnati that the more time passes since his 2017 win against Adrian Granados, the less those paychecks will match his ambitions.

Public opinion suggests we’ve seen the last of Adrien Broner in the boxing ring. This is despite Broner still being at the tender age of 30.

Rebuilding may be necessary once COVID-19 is entirely under control, although it’s doubtful Broner would agree with that idea or potential blueprint.

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