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Fury vs Wilder III in COVID-free New Zealand opens up

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Heavyweight super-fight Fury vs Wilder III has another venue possibility after New Zealand announced the country was now coronavirus free.

Tyson Fury will battle Deontay Wilder in a contracted third bout once organizers find a suitable place to host.

Promoter Dean Lonergan, who recently stated he’d look into staging the fight in Australia on Christmas Day, has brought NZ into the equation.

“It’s only yesterday the borders opened up,” Lonergan told Newshub. “I thought, if we can do this in Australia, why couldn’t we do this in New Zealand?

“It’d be a great way to say to the world we’ve conquered this thing, and here’s what we can do.”

Lonergan works closely with Top Rank boss and Fury’s US handler Bob Arum on all things down under. Arum himself is open to New Zealand making a bid.

“If that’s the case, and we get some financial support, we would be prepared – I think – to come over to New Zealand and do that fight,” Arum pointed out. “It is certainly a big possibility.

Fury vs Wilder III

“Your Prime Minister looks like she’s a very astute person doing a great job. Unfortunately, the people in my country elected a conman dunce,” he added in reference to President Donald Trump.

If successful, Eden Park would be the host. The venue holds over 60,000 people and would be a fitting arena to see Fury and Wilder lock horns again.

Chief Executive Nick Sauntner is fully onboard any attempt to bring the biggest saga in heavyweight boxing to the stadium.

“We’re super keen to look at the concept. Given what we’ve seen with COVID-19, this is the injection that’s needed back into the economy.”

The pair met last February in Las Vegas. Fury scored a spectacular victory after dropping Deontay Wilder several times in the fight.

A contract was already in place for the trilogy. It gives Wilder a chance to even the score after devastatingly dropping Fury in their initial meeting.

Whether Australia, New Zealand, or the Middle East push for hosting duties, Las Vegas remains the favorite to land the third encounter once fans are allowed back into Nevada arenas.