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Home » Rocky Balboa eyes Drago rematch, reveals ‘real’ Creed feud

Rocky Balboa eyes Drago rematch, reveals ‘real’ Creed feud

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Ahead of plans to film Rocky VII, Sylvester Stallone has called on old foe Dolph Lundgren to take the role of Ivan Drago to face Rocky Balboa again.

In a tongue-in-cheek Instagram post, Stallone revealed how the pair used to train together during filming for Rocky IV in the mid-1980s.

During filming, Stallone stated that Drago (Lundgren) and Apollo Creed, played by Carl Weathers, once got into it for real.

He then added that Rocky Balboa and Drago, 73 and 62-year-old’s respectively, should participate in a veteran’s return match.

“Enjoying training together, a week later we were beating the hell out of each other!” – said Stallone.

“I’ve done a lot of movie fights, but I believe this is the best boxing fight In the history of cinema.

“Dolph Lundgren AKA DRAGO is a powerhouse. I remember when Drago and Creed got into an angry shoving match for REAL between rounds.

“Drago angrily shoved him HARD in the chest and heaved him into his corner… Apollo wanted no part of it! He left the ring!”

He added: “I want to rematch! I’ll bring my wheelchair or you bring yours! And maybe an oxygen tent if it goes past one round!”


Lundgren made a return to the franchise in Creed II as son Viktor took on Apollo’s son Adonis as Rocky relived terrible memories from Rocky IV.

Drago fought Creed in an exhibition match back then, ending Apollo’s life in just two painful rounds.

Balboa headed to Russian in a bid to get himself in the best shape possible and exacted revenge on Christmas Day of the same year.

Following eight installments of the Rocky/Creed franchise, Stallone recently admitted a seventh movie of the original series is being planned.

Rumors are already circulating that Stallone is ready to kill off the character for good. And that he wanted to do it in his own franchise, not that of Creed.

We will see.

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