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Home » ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson offered multi-million dollar exhibition fight contract

‘Iron’ Mike Tyson offered multi-million dollar exhibition fight contract

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Mike Tyson captured the world’s attention recently with a short video clip hitting the pads. He showed that he still has the trademark power that helped him become a global star in the 80s and 90s.

The 53-year-old former world champion is in tremendous shape and has stated that he is planning on making a comeback to the sweet science with his goal being to raise money for charity.

American Dream Presents, Sterling Promotions and James Wilent of J3G Global would like to help him achieve his goal and have presented Iron Mike with a substantial offer for a series of multiple exhibition fights that he is reviewing.

“Mike looks like he is in tremendous shape and has the fire back. What is better than a motivated Mike Tyson in the ring? He has always been must-see tv and we want to help him reach his goals to raise money for his various causes,” said American Dream Presents CEO Ron Johnson.

Under the terms of the agreement, Tyson would receive a hefty deposit when his services are secured with the remainder of the purse for the first fight held in escrow. His purses would increase throughout the remainder of his contract.

If the offer is accepted, all of the entities involved will immediately get to work to bring “THe Baddest Man on the Planet” back to the forefront of the boxing and sports world in general.

More details will be revealed in due time.