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Conor McGregor explains retiring, Floyd Mayweather wants return

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Conor McGregor may have ducked out of fighting prematurely as his ‘retirement’ was recently greeted by ex-foe Floyd Mayweather offering a second fight.

The UFC star had confirmed he was hanging up his gloves over the weekend. The third time the Irishman has done so in four years.

He said: “Hey guys I’ve decided to retire from fighting. Thank you all for the amazing memories!

“What a ride it’s been! Here is a picture of myself and my mother in Las Vegas post one of my World title wins!

“Pick the home of your dreams Mags I love you! Whatever you desire it’s yours.”

Following the statement up, McGregor informed ESPN why he had come to that conclusion once again.

McGregor stated that ‘he has lost his excitement for the sport.’ Adding: “The game just does not excite me, and that’s that.

“All this waiting around. There’s nothing happening. I’m going through opponent options, and there’s nothing really there at the minute. There’s nothing that’s exciting me.”

Another change of heart may be forthcoming for ‘The Notorious’ as Floyd Mayweather responded to his Instagram post.

The five-weight world champion replied: “If I’m not mistaken, didn’t you tell Mike Tyson you could beat me if we fought a second time? Now you’re quitting!

“I thought you wanted to beat the best? Well, if you decide to come back, I will be waiting to punish you again.”


Mayweather and McGregor initially met in 2017. The fight sold between 4.3 and 4.4 million Pay-Per-View buys.

Shocking considering the gulf in class between the pair on the night. Mayweather dominated after allowing McGregor the first three rounds to find his bearings as a boxer.

But an awkward style and no real adjustment from MMA to pugilism led to Mayweather toying with McGregor before taking him out and ending his misery.