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Home » Bernard Hopkins hails justice in Alejandra Jimenez case

Bernard Hopkins hails justice in Alejandra Jimenez case

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Bernard Hopkins has revealed his pride at Franchon Crews-Dezurn being awarded her coveted green and gold following a WBC ruling on Alejandra Jimenez.

World Boxing Council officials made the decision following months of investigation into the Jimenez case.

Crews-Dezurn was defeated by the ex-heavyweight ruler before the adverse finding was flagged.

WBC revealed their findings last week. They said: Alejandra Jimenez suspended for nine (9) months from WBC activity starting on the date of the collection of the sample that yielded the adverse finding, until on October 10, 2020.

“Probation Status” for one (1) year from the end of the suspension set forth above, or until October 10, 2021.

“Additional random anti-doping tests under the WBC CBP through the duration of her Probation Status. The timing and frequency of the additional tests shall be at the WBC CBP’s sole discretion.

“In the event of any adverse finding, or any other situation that the WBC considers reasonable proof that Alejandra Jimenez has ingested any WBC CBP-banned substance during her Probation Status period, the WBC shall have the right to suspend Alejandra Jimenez indefinitely Furthermore, they will impose any additional penalties it deems appropriate.

“Considering the current global economic crisis, The WBC will not impose a monetary fine to Ms. Jimenez.

“As a result of the Adjudication Agreement, the WBC declared the result of the Franchon-Crews v. Jimenez bout a “no-contest”.

“Thus reinstating its recognition of Franchon Crews Dezurn as the WBC World Super Middleweight Female World Champion.”


Hopkins, alongside Golden Boy Chairman Eric Gomez, issued statements in response to the WBC’s reinstatement of Franchon Crews-Dezurn as its super-middleweight champion.

“First, I’d like to thank the fans for rooting for Franchon [Crews-Dezurn] to get her belt back that she deserves,” said Bernard Hopkins, Hall of Famer and Golden Boy Business Partner.

“I would also like to commend Oscar De La Hoya, Golden Boy, and myself for fighting behind the scenes to get justice for Franchon.

“Now let’s move forward and get the best fights she deserves!”

Gomez added: “The WBC made the right choice by reinstating Franchon Crews-Dezurn as its world champion.

“We are thrilled for her. She is a very exciting fighter and a stellar representative of the best that Golden Boy offers. We can’t wait to see ‘The Heavy-Hitting Diva’ back in the ring.”